Y Floral Studio


Y Floral Studio x Raffles hotel

Flower Arrangement Lesson @ 5 star hotel Raffles Hotel
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email : pre.flower13@yahoo.com.sg
SMS : 8648-6156
Y Floral Studio/YUKARI

-          Date/Time : Sunday May 19th / 2PM – 5PM
-          Fee : S$150 (including all : lunch, drink, lesson fee, flower materials)
 Required things : scissors, plastic bag to bring back your flower arrangement  
Once you registered and paid fee,  it won’t be returned back the fee to you in case that you canceled.

SMS : 8648-6156 
Y Floral Studio/YUKARI

·         日時:519日日曜日14時~17 
·         参加費:S$150(ランチ、飲み物、レッスン代、花代全て込み)
·         持ち物:はさみ、作品をお持ち帰りいただく用の袋